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Eye Injuries

Serious Eye Injuries Can Cause Significant Medical Problems If Not Treated Swiftly

Because your eyes are so vulnerable, injuries can happen at any time. You might be playing sports, handling tasks at work, or taking care of a project at home when you injure your eye. If the injury is minor, you can treat it at home and should recover shortly. However, serious eye injuries can cause significant damage, so immediate medical treatment is crucial.

Common Eye Problems and Injuries

When reviewing the common eye problems and injuries, you’ll quickly notice that they range from mild to significant. While black and scratched eyes might be minor issues, you need to be mindful of severe problems that include:

  • Bleeding
  • Chemical burns
  • Corneal abrasions
  • Foreign object injuries
  • Eye socket fractures
  • Detached retinas

If you think you have a serious problem, don’t wait to see if it gets better. Go to the emergency room for treatment for your condition.

Which Eye Problems Symptoms Are Emergencies?

You should go to the ER immediately if your:

  • Vision changes significantly.
  • Eyelids and skin around the eyes are swollen or torn.
  • Pain is severe.
  • Eye is bleeding.
  • Eye changes in appearance.
  • Eye doesn’t move properly.

What Should You Do If a Foreign Object is In Your Eye?

Finding a foreign object in your eye is startling and frightening. As much as you might want to remove the object yourself, improper removal could cause damage, an infection, or even vision loss.

Thus, don’t touch or move the foreign object. Also, do not attempt to drive with a foreign object in your eye. If someone cannot take you to the emergency room, call 911. Then, paramedics can take you to the emergency room for treatment.

Steps to Take If Your Eyes Were Exposed to Irritants

Chemical toxins can end up in your eyes while at home, work, or socializing. First, flush your eyes with water. Then, do not attempt to drive yourself to seek medical attention. Have someone take you to the emergency room or call 911.

Because your eyes are vulnerable to injuries and damage, you need to take immediate action if you have a medical emergency. The team of medical professionals at the emergency room can treat your eye problems while preventing additional damage. With the right treatment, you’re less likely to develop serious conditions that might lead to vision loss and other complications.